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Just the Book Update

I received this email comment from Georgia and I am reposting it here for those who may be interested.

    It has been over a year since you stopped posting in this blog and just about that same time I found it. However, I did not find time to read it until now.

    I just want to say thanks and affirm your efforts. I too have struggled with the world of discernment ministries and wanting the TRUTH about many disturbing things, particularly with the ssues of contemplative prayer and having spiritual “experiences” of God, I am seeing among Christians and churches these days.

    The TRUTH is only found in GOD’s HOLY and UNERRING WORD which you have stated over and over again.

    I am amazed to find zero comments here a year later. I pray that you will continue to “fight the good fight” until HE returns.

Thank you for your comment Georgia.

I have had a number of comments to my JTB site which I did not post because they promoted A.W. Tozer as a biblical, godly man. They are often aghast that I would or could cast him as anything but the most biblical preacher that ever was.

I continue to find connections with men (some have been favorite preachers of mine) who preach God’s Word, but also promote Tozer or emphasize morality/culture.

Certain websites which have been known in the past as promoting the Bible and truth have come out strongly in favor of and justifying Tozer as godly and biblical and not mystical, or won’t even address the subject of Tozer’s promotion of mysticism and contemplative venues (which reference beliefs of many Catholic ‘saints’ of the past) , even though they post against current folk doing the exact same things that Tozer says in his books, The Pursuit of God, The Knowledge of the Holy, and Echoes from Eden.

Those who write/talk against New Age (look for book titles with the word New Age in it) are appealing to an ecumenical group and have an agenda (my opinion) and seem to be taking the focus off the Bible and the need for people to repent and get their sins forgiven from Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

I’ve not been brave enough to name names and hope that the posts I have done will give clues to people who are in search of the truth, or alert folk that are unaware of the deceivers deceiving while telling people that they are giving out the truth.

Thank you again for your comment and encouraging words.